Please try them out (information updated Nov 14)

  1. If you use the buttons to turn the pages the page-turn (Flip) should is now faster.
  2. Clicking the 'Help' button on and off displays a clearer simplified help. Use it to explore the other new features.
  3. Once you have entered the password you can take advantage of a new 'Autoflip' button to progressively flip through the mag - click it again to stop when you find something of interest.
  4. The 'Print' (all or selected pages) is working again.
  5. There is the ability to highlight text and to allow you to copy it, e.g. you could cut and paste a date or event into your computer diary, or save one of FEN's many literary gems.
  6. A new 'Bookmark' button has been added.
  7. The mobile versions have had technical improvements made.
  8. Finally don't forget that the mag has always had buttons to enable you to zoom a page to any size you want, search for text, display overview thumbnails of the pages and the ability to click on links to open websites and email addresses.

We are continuously trying to improve the features provided by eFEN. Please give us feedback - good or bad - some limitations are beyond our control, but we have an arsenal of other effects that we can add.

We intend to do away with the downloadable .exe format option (which is not liked by many security applications) by converting the option to a stand-alone flip book which can be read using a free software application that you will  be able to download from our website and install on your computer. Hopefully this will become available to you shortly after further testing.

After that our next major task is to improve the archives to make them readable using the same flip book software described above or as pdf downloads rather than the PC-only .exe format, but this will be time-consuming as around 40+ books have to be remade and uploaded.